Achievement for All Education Trust – committed to all children regardless of their background, challenge or needs

Welcome to the first news item announcing the launch of the Achievement for All Education Trust.

At the start of the academic term, I am delighted that we have reached the point where the Achievement for All ethos, values and commitment to all children regardless of their background, challenge or needs can be demonstrated through a community of schools.

Why? We are committed to the inclusion of all children in our schools, we seek not to exclude in school or from school any child.  Our commitment is shared by our schools and staff.

What? We will be working with the Regional School Commissioners Office to recruit up to 10 schools across the South Central and South West regions.

How? Our founding academy is Park House School, a school with a shared commitment to inclusion. We will be providing school improvement, technology, back office support to all staff at the school.

Our Values will underpin and shape Achievement for All Education Trust culture and approach to learning, they guide how we make decisions and deliver on our work.


  • High expectations for all, including ourselves
  • Setting ambitious goals and striving for excellence
  • Be passionate in everything we do


  • Honesty and openness, with respect for all
  • Ensuring opportunities for sharing, growth and development for everybody
  • Excellent communication and collaboration


  • Celebrate the success of others and ourselves
  • Work in partnership to achieve common goal
  • High quality, high impact.

We look forward to sharing examples of our work and the impact on the children attending our schools.

Professor Sonia Blandford

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